"The quality of my life is in direct proportion to my helpfulness in life."


David Cruwys, known as "AppyDave," is a seasoned AI technology advisor specializing in prompt engineering, AI agent architecture, and GPT automation.

With over 30 years of experience in software architecture, development, and content marketing automation for innovative startups, David has carved a niche in helping entrepreneurs and content creators integrate AI into their business workflows.

His expertise spans across various domains, including programming, cybersecurity, marketing, compliance, and project management, making him a holistic and forward-thinking leader in the AI space.

Current Work

David is actively involved in multiple roles, including:

Leading the development of AI-driven solutions for business automation.

Creating educational content for his YouTube channels focused on AI, coding, and prompt engineering.

Consulting startups and established businesses on AI integration and automation strategies.

Developing practical tools and frameworks to facilitate AI adoption in various industries.

Revolutionizing Business Workflows with AI

David's intellectual curiosity revolves around Prompt Engineering, GPT Automation and Autonomous Agent Architecture:

  • Guide in prompt engineering, covering quality, compliance, optimization, and automation.
  • Boost workforce efficiency with AI agents, increase quality through AI-assisted verification/due diligence and lift team happiness by replacing tedious tasks with interesting processes.

With 30+ years of varied roles in techy startups, along with diverse experiences, he helps address business challenges with innovative solutions:

  • Software development, architecture, Content Marketing, YouTube, SEO, On/Offshore teams, SCRUM/Agile, AI Automation, CyberSec, Legal and compliance frameworks. 

AI Technology Advisor for Entrepreneurs


As @AppyDave, David educates and empowers individuals and businesses to thrive in an AI-driven world. 

By focusing on change management, upskilling, and strategic integration in the fast-moving world of AI, he transforms potential challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.



To enable entrepreneurs and content creators to harness the power of AI through expert guidance and innovative solutions, transforming their business workflows and enhancing their creative potential.



Some kids want to work in emergency services. I wanted to be a programmer.

Writing my first game in primary school but finding high school academics boring, I left school to chase a dream. I entered the exciting world of writing freight logistics and accounting software development.

In the 90’s, I immersed myself in code, architecture, and design patterns.

In the new millennium, I lead teams in Australia, Europe and Asia. During this time I leveraged code-generation tools and architecture skills to turn a failing IT project into a company divestiture worth $30M, 18 months later.

Searching for life balance, I found connection in dance (Zouk, Bachata, and West Coast Swing) and spiritual practices through Yoga, Sound Baths and Kirtan.

In the 2010s I worked with technology startups including a prominent ethical hacker platform, I pursued my interest in code generation, content creation and marketing.

 In 2022, with decades of experience in code generation and marketing, I discovered GPT-3/ChatGPT and prompt engineering and saw the end of traditional coding.  Today, 95% of my code is generated via LLM and AI automation is in every facet of my business workflows.

Teaching Method

David employs a hands-on, practical approach to teaching, using real-world examples and case studies to illustrate the potential of AI technologies.

His workshops and training sessions emphasize the importance of effective prompt engineering and multi-agent systems to ensure the accuracy and reliability of AI outputs.

Speaking Topics

  • The Power of Prompt Engineering in AI
  • Integrating AI into Business Workflows
  • YouTube Automation with AI
  • Building Collaborative AI Agents
  • AI and Business Innovation

Key Concepts

  • Effective Prompt Engineering
  • AI Integration and Automation
  • Multi-Agent Collaboration
  • Data Security in AI
  • Cost Management for AI Projects

Notable Clients

Various YouTube content creators and entrepreneurs

Startups and businesses in the tech and marketing sectors


  • ECamm Leap 2024
    • "Instant YouTube Automation: ECamm + ChatGPT in Action"
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Workshops and Apps

David has developed various workshops focused on prompt engineering, AI integration, and YouTube automation, providing hands-on experience and practical knowledge to participants.

Contact Information

e-mail: [email protected]

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